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Reed Sensor Module

Reed Sensor Module

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Reed Module - Magnetic Sensor with Digital Output




Magnetic Sensing: The reed module is equipped with a magnetic sensor that operates on a normally open principle. It closes the circuit when exposed to a magnetic field.


Digital Output: Under normal conditions, the two plates do not touch, resulting in an open circuit and a digital output of 0. When the module is in the range of a magnetic field, the plates are attracted to each other, closing the circuit and producing a digital output of 1.


Automatic Reset: Once the magnetic field is no longer present, the plates move away from each other, automatically breaking the circuit.


Sensitivity Adjustment: The module features an on-board potentiometer to fine-tune the sensitivity, allowing for customization based on specific requirements.


Versatile Applications: This module is invaluable for a wide range of projects where detecting proximity to a magnetic field is crucial.




Voltage Range: 3.3V to 5V

Sensor Type: Normally-open Magnetic Sensor

Comparator: LM393

Working Distance: 15mm

Output Type: Digital (0 and 1)

PCB Size: 32mm x 14mm

Enhance Your Projects with the Reed Module - Magnetic Sensor


The Reed Module is a powerful magnetic sensor that adds a new dimension to your projects. With its normally open operation, it reacts to the presence of a magnetic field by closing the circuit, providing you with valuable digital feedback.


Reliable Magnetic Sensing:

Operating on a normally open principle, this module is a reliable indicator of magnetic field presence. When the plates come into contact due to a magnetic field, it triggers a digital output of 1, alerting you to the presence of a magnetic force.


Automatic Reset for Efficiency:

Once the magnetic field subsides, the plates separate, resetting the circuit to its default state. This automated process ensures efficiency and readiness for the next detection event.


Fine-tune Sensitivity to Your Needs:

With the on-board potentiometer, you have the power to adjust the sensitivity according to your specific requirements. This feature allows for customization, ensuring that the module performs optimally in your unique application.


Versatility for Various Projects:

The Reed Module finds its place in a multitude of projects where knowledge of proximity to a magnetic field is essential. Whether it's security systems, proximity detectors, or innovative interactive installations, this module adds a valuable layer of functionality.


Compact and Efficient Design:

Measuring at 32mm x 14mm, this module combines efficiency with versatility. Its compact size makes it easy to integrate into your projects without compromising on performance.


Elevate your projects with the Reed Module - a magnetic sensor with digital output. Experience enhanced detection capabilities and expand the horizons of your creations. Order yours today!





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