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U Type IC Puller

U Type IC Puller

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The U Type IC Puller or IC Extraction Pliers is a handy tool designed for safely and easily removing integrated circuits (ICs) from their sockets or sockets on electronic boards. It is commonly used by technicians, engineers, hobbyists, and students who work with electronics and need to replace or test IC chips. Here are the specifications and features of this product:

Product Specifications:
- Length: 105mm
- Weight: Approximately 16g
- Material: Stainless steel with PVC insulation package outside
- Packaging: No specific packaging provided

- U-shaped Design: The tool has a U-shaped design, allowing it to fit around the IC chip for easy extraction without damaging the surrounding components.
- Easy to Use: The U Type IC Puller is simple and easy to use. Just position the tool around the IC chip and gently squeeze the handles to safely lift the IC from its socket.
- Safe IC Removal: It helps prevent damage to the IC and the circuit board while extracting the chip, reducing the risk of bending or breaking the IC's pins.
- Durable Construction: Made of stainless steel, the IC puller is durable and can withstand repeated use without wear or deformation.
- Insulated Handles: The PVC insulation on the handles provides a comfortable grip and electrical insulation to ensure safe handling, especially when dealing with live circuits.
- Compact and Portable: With its small size and lightweight design, the IC extraction tool is portable and can be easily carried in a toolbox or pocket.
- Versatile Application: It is suitable for various IC packages, including DIP (Dual In-line Package) and other similar packages.

- IC Removal: The primary application of this tool is for safely removing IC chips from their sockets on electronic boards, avoiding damage to the IC and surrounding components.
- Electronic Experiments: It is commonly used in educational settings, laboratories, and DIY electronics projects, where IC chips may need to be replaced, tested, or analyzed.

Overall, the U Type IC Puller is a practical and essential tool for anyone involved in electronics work, as it simplifies the process of removing IC chips and helps prevent potential damage to delicate electronic components.

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